10 consecutive days Intro

Only for new students who live in Rio de Janeiro.

Class Cards

1 class

5 class card

10 class card

1 month twice a week

Unlimited Memberships

1 month

3 months

6 months



Yoga mat rental

Towel rental

Mat cleaning and storage monthly

Locker monthly

Water 1,5 l

Water 500 ml

Coconut water 500 ml

Coconut water 300 ml


We accept cash, debit cards and check.

All our prices and promotions are for a specific time and are subject of change at any time.

Promotions, classes and plans cannot be transferred or exchanged.

With the exception of the annual and six-month plans, none of the other plans, classes, or promotions are subject of cancellation.

The six-month plan requires an initial minimum stay of two months and the annual requires an initial minimum stay of four months. If the student chooses to cancel one of these two plans after this period 70% of the unused amount will be refunded, counting from the date the studio is notified

by email. All details can be found in the service agreement.
3-months, 6-months and Annual Plan - payments with check.
6-months plan - can be frozen for 15 days.
Annual Plan - can be frozen for 30 days.
We offer private lessons. Contact us for more information.

R$ 70,00

R$ 289,00

R$ 519,00

R$ 259,00

R$ 409,00

03x R$ 359,00

06x R$ 339,00

12x R$ 309,00

R$ 5,00

R$ 5,00

R$ 45,00

R$ 45,00

R$ 5,00

R$ 2,50

R$ 10,00

R$ 6,00

R$ 20,00

R$ 99,00